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Founded in 2002 as the Standard for Processing Merchant Services

Processing payments with quality and excellence is the All Fleet creed since 2002. We believe in your ability to grow a successful and prosperous business. We believe in achieving the highest financial possibilities in your emerging market share. We are your financial backing; we are All Fleet. The question is What is it going to take to grow your business? The answer is more sales. The answer is a higher quality product or service. The answer is better margins and creating better opportunities for your staff. A happy company is attracting the best type of customers – credit card swipers.

Credit originated in the farming industry. A farmer has a seasonal product which everyone needed. Farms very commonly had open accounts in various locations which became very tedious. Financial institutions brainstormed and the birth of a universal credit system was born with the birth whats now known as VISA.The rest is the future.

Where exactly do you see yourself in the future? We ask and implore you to think about that question when you are looking for a credit card processor. We have the necessary products and services available to bring the future to your business today. Dial AllFleet for a conversation about new credit card processing or simply click to call us at +1.844.460.9775